Mantas Jankauskas

Managing Director

I am the Founder and Director of MDS Property Group Ltd. Since 2013 I have been working within the manufacturing sector, managing large teams of people and leading projects. Over the years I have gained significant amount of experience and skills required to run a smooth operation.

During all these years working hard for someone else I was captivated by all these people on YouTube talking how great investing in property is. So, I started reading, doing my own research on the web about all things property, from simple BTLs to complex conversions.

Eventually decided that I wanted to start a business and build something of my own. But books and YouTube videos were not enough, this is when I went to get educated by one of the most respected property training companies in the UK.

Real Estate is one of the best and most secure investments anyone could make. Investment properties not only protect your money from eroding in the bank, but also offer much better return than any bank in the country would give you for your money being sat in savings account. Even with all this being said I do understand, from first hand experience, how daunting it can be to make that first step towards your first investment deal, or how frustrating it can get if things don’t go the way you planned. Because of this we are working very hard to ensure our investors only have the best deals offered to them; and that their experience in investing is as positive and hassle free as possible.

Today, MDS Property are sourcing property deals from all corners of the UK –  from small 2-bedroom Buy-to-Let properties to brand new multi-million pound developments and large fully tenanted portfolios.